So it all really started In mid-April 2013. Well it really started 51 years ago when I started consuming food. My love of food. My obsession with food.

After years of being overweight and yo yo dieting, I was (to quote Joe Cross)

Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead.

I had eaten my way to a body where I was severely obese. What do they call it in the US? Morbid obesity and despite lots of diets – I’ve tried them all, and circa 30 supplements a day I was fat and unhealthy.

I’ve always been interested in food and cooking or should that be obsessed? I went to OA (over eaters anonymous), spent £££s on hypnotherapy etc and was finally considering bariatric surgery. A gastric band or a gastric bypass.

At one time, I lost 100lbs using LighterLife the meal replacement diet but it just did not stay off and over 3-5 years it all came back and more.

So…I found out about Joel Fuhrman and then the China Study and suddenly my partner says – you should do a healthy Lighterlife.

Hmm. But how? So I took E-Cornell’s Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. I read The China Study and suddenly I realised that I’d been choosing the wrong fuel for my body.

Not only were the indulgent and fatty foods making me ill, so were most of my diet choices.

So, what happened in April 2013? I happened to be in California on business and I saw there was a plant based diet event in Orange County – A Farms2Forks weekend.

Attending that event changed my life. I met lots of my food heroes and spent a weekend immersed in an event where people told how making changes to their diet had completely changed their lives, or had reversed chronic diseases. It was amazing.

It set me on a path that after 8 weeks sees me happier than I have been in years. Stuffing my face with delicious food, being able to eat out, fitter than I’ve been in ages and getting comments on how much weight I’ve lost and how well I look.

On discussing this with Richard tonight, he said I should blog about this and what I cook and share my recipes as others may want to do a similar thing but may not know where to start or how to go about it.

So, I’m not really sure where this will take me (us – if someone decides to follow me) but I hope that it will help at least someone to improve their health and be happier.

Who knows but if I can help one person in addition to myself, I’ll be happy.

I was going to post a fat pic of myself here. However I only keep flattering pics. Others get destroyed. What I need is that picture you’d post on the fridge door to scare off people from opening. Sadly, that never worked for me as I’d always destroyed them before I could post them up!

So, off we jolly well go.


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