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One of the joys of being at Veg Fest was that I could sample foods on the stalls and from the cookery demos.

Highlights for me included the raw food cooking demos of Rebecca Kane and Chad Samo.

Despite the taste tidbits on offer it got to a point in the day when my breakfast smoothie was a long distance memory and I needed some healthy delicious fuel to get me through the rest of my day.

I was in the right place, with a huge choice of stalls selling a wide variety of options for lunch. But what to have?

There was a burger stall selling good smelling veggie burgers but with deep fried chips. Hmmm. Not for me. They may be cooked in vegetable oil but they are still unhealthy. I decided on a vendor to try (who shall remain nameless) and I ordered a wrap containing a delicious sounding mix of butternut squash, tofu, spinach etc. It sounded great and at. £6 seemed reasonable.

What I was handed was a damp cold wrap filled with the meanest serving of bland and unseasoned tepid vegetables. It had virtually no flavour and would not have sustained a mouse. It came garnished with a napkin and “Eco” biodegrade able fork. I ate it and say there feeling that I’d wasted my £6.

A little later I was still hungry as the wrap had failed to satisfy.

I looked about for another item to satisfy my hunger and decided to avoid the “faux foods” of burgers and sausages which on investigation seemed to contain high levels of both fat and salt.

This time I choose a melange of veggies assembled into a croquette or ball. It sounded lovely. I sat down at my plastic pic-nic table and unwrapped my prospective lunch item. I took a bite and my heart sank. This concoction was damp and dull. It might have been better baked and served hot. Maybe I missed the point and should have taken it home and reheated it, but it was so unappetising that I left 2/3 of it.

Is it me, did I just make bad choices or were these items examples of how difficult people find it to make plant-based or vegan food healthy, tasty and filling? Am I asking too much?

I was also hoping that there might be a stall selling juices. I spotted one and my heart lifted only to queue up and abandon my plan when I discover the juices are all fruit and no vegetables, so high in sugar.

I’m back at Veg Fest today and will continue my search for a delicious, substantial lunch.