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I read you wrote an article entitled-commitment. In it I talked about what commitment you are prepared to make to improve your health destiny. I got some feedback from a number of people, some of whom attended my cookery demonstration that they had indeed made some changes to their eating habits which had had a positive effect. What I realised, was that it’s not all about making the big gesture, sometimes it’s the small things that have an effect. Just reducing the amount of meat, fish, dairy in your diet one meal at a time can have a significant impact when you compound it over a period of time.
Imagine that every day when you go to work, you choose to eat a plant based meal, and that once a week you choose to go meatless on a day where you previously ate meat. Over the course of a year this would all add up to a pretty significant change in the food that you’ve eaten, both in terms of your caloric intake and in terms of your health. It’s all about baby steps, one step at a time in the right direction will have a significant impact.
It’s good to look at this in this way rather than with a diet mentality, which says as soon as I’ve gone “off my diet”, that’s it, “I failed”. Any change for the positive can have an impact. Just remember that your health and weight as you are today, is a result of what you’ve eaten and what you’ve experienced over many years. Making small changes that you can sustain into the future, will have an effect in the opposite direction, improving your health and well-being over time.
Please share your thoughts, and how you get on.