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So I am getting worried that I am becoming a bore. Well maybe not a bore Per se, but more boring than I was. Why? Because I just keep finding myself waxing lyrical about my no-added-fat, whole-food plant-based diet. Almost everywhere I go, it becomes the topic of conversation.

Last night I was out with clients. We had a lovely evening. Discussing business, how the Bank is doing this year, their plans for next year, how my company is doing and new innovations etc., Suddenly they commented on what I was eating. I’d not seen these folks since I went plant-based. We then talked at length about what I am doing and why.

My reason for my plant-based adventure is to change my health destiny, given we have a history of heart disease in my family. We talked about what I eat. “You mean you do not eat any meat, fish or dairy”? I also answered the “P” question – “but where do you get your PPPPP-Protein from?

I guess that maybe I am not boring others, just myself with a rather repetitive story of what brought me to plant-strong eating and my personal journey. Maybe I should print a standard text of what brought me to this and how I have progressed to date?  Given that I am still overweight, I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud talking about this, especially to people who are thinner or outwardly healthier than I.

Then I remember something. To many people this is new. It is a new concept that they have not really heard and understood. They know about vegetarians, they walk amongst us and we are used to them. Vegans, hmmm. The V word. It seems to strike fear into people. The fact that you do not comply with the received wisdom on eating that dominates our culture.  This seems to strike fear into people.

When I then explain what eating a no-added-fat whole-food plant-based diet involves and how it differs from veganism, I am met with a mix of horror, disbelief and interest. “Why would you do this?”

When I explain how this way of living may help to improve my health destiny and make me more resistant to the chronic diseases that we are all so familiar with these days, of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc., there is suddenly a glimmer of interest. Often there is a comment of oh that’s good but I could never give up xyz food, or my favourite alcoholic beverage.

I am not suggesting that you do for a moment. I am not asking you, or telling you to do anything. I am merely sharing my experience and my enthusiasm. What you choose to do with that information is up to you.

If you choose to include more plant-based food into your diet, or if I inspire you to learn more, that is great.

If you catch me going on about it and find me boring – The tell me and let’s change the subject. I can opine on virtually any topic!