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When I attended the Farms2Forks weekend in Orange County in April this year, i learned that Erectile Dysfunction should be viewed as an early-warning for heart disease. As a man of a certain age and with a history of heart-disease in my family, my ears pricked up (so to speak).

So very often the first sign of heart disease is sudden death, so anything that gives us an early warning should surely be welcomed.  Ironically, what we currently seem to do is to treat the symptoms with a little blue pill or two rather than heeding the warning and trying to do something about it.

I spoke to a friend of mine who works in GU Medicine in London and he confirmed that at his clinic they do indeed take this as a serious indication of heart-disease.

Here is an article from Michael Greger, MD who summarises much of the recent research on the subject.  If you are a man of a certain age, or have a man of a certain age in your family – share this with him.  Bugger the embarrassment, it could just save his life.