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One of the things that I use a lot of are wraps. I buy the large whole meal ones made by Discovery.

You can use them for quick snacks or something to take to work. Quite often I will fill a wrap when I get home from the theatre for a late-night guilt free supper for us.

I then thought about grilling them and making Burritos. These are everywhere in the US especially in California but so often not wholemeal and full of fat laden ingredients.

Fir 1 person you can do 1 or 2. 2 of the large ones are pretty filling. I always use the large ones for two reasons – 1 – the filling and folding is easier. 2 – I’m piggy and want 2 all to myself.

Lay the wrap on a board (if you are doing one to eat later on foil that you can wrap it in).

Plant based cheese and raw spinach (that’s what I had for lunch today)

Hummus, roasted red peppers and rocket.

Cooked and cooled spinach with cheese sauce (recipe coming)

There are loads of fillings you can use. Add seasonings such as mustard, plant-based mayonnaise, celery salt along with black beluga lentils, quinoa etc to ring changes.

If you aren’t going to heat the wraps then salad leaves are fine. If heat them I tend to use spinach as that’s good when cooked. I avoid tomato, for one simple reason, some once fell out and marked my favourite t-shirt. You want to avoid anything too runny as the wrap may leak.

Fold up – it’s easy. Basically do not overfill. Fold up bottom. Fold in left side, fold in right and roll up.

If you want more detailed instructions use these – http://mexicanfood.about.com/od/techniques/ht/burritofolding.htm.

Ideally let them rest a few minutes to take on the shape, with the fold underneath.

To cook and make a Burrito i use a grill. Pre-heat a grill to med heat and place folded wraps on either the wire rack of the grill pan or better still on a non stick sheet. Put rack on second shelf down and place under the grill and cook until golden brown. Turn over and do same to the other side. The wrap will crisp up and the filling warm up. You can also microwave and steam them but I personally prefer them grilled. Just watch as they can easily overcook if not watched or if you have a fierce grill. I’m lucky I have a hot air grill setting so tend to set that at 190c and they take about 5 mins on each side.