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Please note – You need a juicer for this recipe.

This is a light smoothie that’s great as a pre workout drink or for a light breakfast on a day when you need energy.

It was hot and muggy last night and I had very broken and disturbed nights sleep. Having to face a personal trainer session first thing, I thought I’d better fortify myself with some good nutrition to kick-start my day.

If you aren’t keen on the earthy taste of beetroot, try organic ones. I find they are sweeter tasting. Clean thoroughly or peel. The strawberries give a really pleasant sweetness that reduces the earthy taste of the beetroot.

For 2 large glasses:

2-3 large beetroot – washed thoroughly and topped and tailed.
2 Limes (wash off any wax under warm water)
1 punnet of strawberries washed and hulled.

Juice the beetroot, followed by the limes (no need to peel).
I wash the juicer through with some water to get all the goodness out, or add some water to the juice.

In a high powered blender blitz up the strawberries with the juice and a handful of ice.