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I love chocolate. Who doesn’t?

Milk chocolate typically contains (cows) milk solids, sugar and fats.

So here is an alternative which contains none of these.

You can use either 100% cacao (Ocado sells it) or 70% chocolate which typically does not contain dairy but likely will contain sugar.

1 x pack of silken firm tofu (I choose organic to avoid any risk of GMOs) drained.
Chocolate – how much you use determines the thickness once chilled and the depth of flavour – I’d start with 100g of 70% chocolate. (You can mix the 100% cacao with the 70% chocolate).
1 tsp of vanilla extract
If you want it to be a sauce –
1/4 cup of plant milk (heated to just below boiling point)

Assuming you want to make a sauce –
Warm milk.
Add broken chocolate and melt in microwave on med heat until melted.
Add chocolate and plant milk mixture and the drained tofu to a high powered blender add the vanilla.

Blend thoroughly and then place in a fridge box and chill. As the chocolate cooks the mixture will thicken.

If you omit the milk you can flavour it with some orange zest for example or pour over fruits such as raspberries in a ramekin and will set more like a mousse overnight in the fridge. (It can be thickened by adding some oats to the mixture).

We had the sauce tonight over fresh pineapple and cantaloupe melon. Delish.