Barry J. HoneycombeThis blog is to share my experience of a plant-based lifestyle and my journey of eating a wholefood plant-based diet.  No information on this site is intended to provide medical advice although i do hope that you find vibrant health from what i have shared here.

I got into this as a hobby having been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life.  I started to read about how health can be affected by what we eat, and had that “light bulb” moment that made me realise that i am what i eat.  More than that, that my entire life is a result of what i place in my body.  Having read books like the China Study by T. Colin Campbell and having successfully completed the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, i was convinced that this way of living offers each and everyone of us the chance for optimum health.

I am not suggesting for a moment that plant based foods are a panacea for all ills and that regular medicine has no place, but what i feel is that it gives us the greatest chance to be healthy.  It enables our body to operate at peak performance.  It gives us the very best chance to live to a ripe old age and to avoid many of the chronic diseases that are now so clearly linked to poor food choices.

About me:  I am 51, still battling the bulge.  I’ve been overweight all of my life, but am no longer a diet slave.  I have spent my career in data and analytics in the Banking Industry and I live in South London with my partner Richard.  As of 2013 we have been together 26 years.

Food is my passion, my obsession and now my medicine.


11 thoughts on “HOMEPAGE”

  1. mjwenckus said:

    I saw your post on Health Girl’s Kitchen this morning (morning in northern Indiana, which is central time in the U.S., so about 7 hours behind England time). I am signing up for your newsletter — thank you. We, too, are plant-based, no oil, etc., for 3 years now. I am also fighting a bit of the bulge — lost 30 pounds easily, but have been stuck for 2 years and struggling to find the motivation to “diet” as a vegan! Anyway, thanks for your blogging and for promoting this great lifestyle. All the best.

    • Thank you so much for your post and for signing up to my blog. I’m also still a fat chap, struggling with my weight has been a life-long per-occupation. I have lost some weight already – circa 28lbs but it is all relative – I have a lot more that i’d like to lose, but for me this is more about health and the weight should take care of itself. That is easier said than done. I love food, nope, I am obsessed by food, whatever the type. I have a tendency to overeat. I know that I have to look at both the nutritional and calorie density of the food that I am consuming. I try to limit the amount of nuts, avocados etc., I am also a bit of a comfort eater, so the opportunity to stuff myself silly with heavy carb-laden food is great for me. Again I need to be conscious but not obsessive. For me this is a journey to healthy lifestyle and not a diet. I know and I trust that as my health improves my weight will regulate. I also have the challenges of traveling for my job and a lot of eating out with clients – that’s a whole other topic and challenge!

  2. Congrats again on being voted a Top 25 Vegan Blog of 2013 (see the full list here – http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/scooper/top-25-vegan-blogs-of-2013). We’d love to get you your badge and also spotlight some of your great recipes and content. Can you email us at blogger@theskinnyscoop.com or DM us at @theSkinnyScoop.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Eden & the SkinnyScoop team

  3. Congrats on your vegan journey! 28 pounds is awesome. Sounds like you have a great understanding of what it takes to achieve your goals. All the best!

  4. Daisy Graham said:

    I just heard you on the radio (bbc radio London) and am very interested to learn more about what you do – and can offer – as a life long vegetarian myself. All best, Daisy

    • Hello – I just replied by email as I wasn’t sure I could directly reply to you here on my iPhone. Then I found I could – d’oh. Anyway – thanks for getting in touch. Barry.

  5. Susanna Farley said:


    Your range of seitan-based food sounds awesome. I have been a vegan for five years but have also had a weight problem all my life. First as a meat eater, then as a lacto-vegetarian and lately (unfortunately) as a vegan.

    Vegans too can make poor dietary choices. For me it was using ‘gallons’ of vegetable oil in almost every savoury item I cooked, too much indulgence in vegan fried foods, such as chips and also far, far, to much sugar in the form of humungous quantities of fruit juice.

    I now consume very little oil, I grill or bake in place of frying, and my fruit juice consumption has been massively reduced. The result, I am happy to say, is that from a close to morbidly obese 17st. 8lbs in April last year, I am now down to an almost normal weight of 12st. I am proud to say that, to date, I have lost almost one third of my original body weight, and I’m still losing!

    It’s great that the new products are low in fat. I look forward to eating them as part of a healthy vegan diet which will enable me to achieve and remain at an optimum weight.

    Susanna Farley

  6. you met my husband at the garage today and he told me about you. What he did not realise is that quite a lot of our food is plant based. he cant cook so generally accepts what i offer as long as a bit of meal is attached. So i make a veggie or vegan meal and then add a bit for him at the end. Unfortunately you cant change the world but you can just occasionally try to offer an alternative. As a veggie for 34 years i found a book forks over knifes and really found it has been a wonderful easy way to cook. I need some new inspiration so looking forward to reading your blogs. Maybe as you don’t come to Sidcup ( its still not caught up with veggies or vegans !!!) I will get some food delivered to his garage for me.

    • Mags – Thanks for the comments. I’d happily deliver some products down to the garage – we do free delivery on orders over £30 – see http://www.morethanmeat.co.uk . My products would probably suit your husband as they are meat like in their texture but all made from plants and 100% vegan. I love Forks Over Knives – brilliant film. I also did one of their weekends – farms to forks. All the best. Barry

  7. Helen Page said:

    I am 59, grossly obese (for three decades now) and absolutely love meat, even though I know it’s not good for me or the planet. The ‘pretend’ meat I have tried so far has really not done it for me so it’s great to see new things coming along. Now all I have to do is convince my husband and we’ll be sorted.

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